Check out just a few of the highlights for 2014:
Visit our national, historic treasure - Old Fort Niagara Niagara Jet Adventures boats are technically advance, climate controlled with air ride seats. Conquer the Whirlpool Rapids in style! The end of July 2014 brings an international competition of yachts that can be viewed right off the coast of Youngstown, NY. Great music, food and, well sailors .. so there will be some adult beverages for sure! This incredible race is for 2 and 4 person teams racing down the river in home made contraptions. Great fun for spectators and competitors alike. If jet boats are too fast for you then take a sailboat for an up close view of the historic points along the Niagara River.

Youngstown, NY - Small Town Charm - Historic and Natural Wonder - Timeless and Stunning!
- just 20 minutes north of Niagara Falls, NY

Youngstown, NY has been described as Mayberry, the fictional home of the Andy Griffith show from the 1960s. Yes, we are that ... but, we are sooo much more. We've also been described as Key West of the North. Yes, we are that .... albeit, we are not as warm as Key West in the cool months. One thing we do share in common with Key West is our stunning sunsets. Unlike Malory Square though, nobody is selling Key Lime pie, but there are wonderful places to dine like the Jaguar at the Bistro, Bandana's Bar & Grill, Ray's Tavern, Main Street Pizza, or the Village Diner.

There are both natural and scientific reasons why we have such incredible, romantic sunsets. Essentially though, it's that Hamilton, ON, Canada on the west end of Lake Ontario has lots of elements that color the sky when the sun is behind it. We happen to be 45 miles to the east in New York along the southern shores of Lake Ontario. For centuries Youngstown has hosted some of the most spectacular sunsets in Western, NY and Southern ON. It's a short 24 nautical miles from Toronto, ON. Youngstown, NY is actually the closest American community to Toronto.and sits at the mouth of the mighty Niagara River, whose waters flow into Lake Ontario at 168,000 cubic meters (6 million cubic ft.) per minute. It's nearest Canadian neighbor is Niagara-on-the-Lake which is 1 mile (1.6km) across the river.

Youngstown was recently named Best Small Village in Western, NY and is steeped in history from when the first Europeans - Frances' Louis Hennepin, a French explorer first laid eyes on the area when he discovered the Niagara River and Falls in the late 1600s. We also have great places to shop like the amazing Dory Trading Post which gives shelf space to local artists, musicians, photographers and historical landmarks. We also have the wonderul Melloni's Market Place where you can get great cuts of meats and farm fresh products. And, if you want to pair some great Niagara Country wines walk across the street to Anchor Spirits which use to be the old post office, it's worth a visit just to check out the building. There are loads of historic things to see, and this summer brings wonderful events both here and 6.5 miles south of Youngstown in Lewiston, NY - another award winning village located in the lower Niagara River region.

Youngstown, borders the southern entrance of Fort Niagara State Park whose historic gem, and living museum; Old Fort Niagara finds its home. There will be lots of things to do in Youngstown from world class fishing, to boating, to jet boating through the Whirlpool Rapids, to shopping, to eating, to free concerts, to historic walks and river cruises, outdoor exercising, to beautiful natural vistas to just breath in and gaze upon. And if that is not enough, Youngstown is purported to be 21% brighter than Lewiston, NY which is located 8 miles south of Youngstown, because of the amount of water that borders Youngstown.

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